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A one-stop donation platform connecting youth donors to grass-root NGOs.

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Volunteering holds a great impact on our community. It exposes underprivileged children to opportunities that they couldn’t experience otherwise. Yet, with their limited assets, developing passions and interests simply wasn’t sustainable. To bring these children’s interests and skills to a further extent, they need resources.

It's easy to stack up different unused items at home, knowing they would be in better use somewhere else. Still, together with complex procedures and a lack of collection centers within close proximity, donating became a struggle. To be rid of such blockade, donors need a centralized platform.

What we do

Difficult donations?

Donate now from the comfort of your own homes and skip the hassle of commute

INconclusive searches?

Find grass-root NGOs centralized on 1 platform open for donation in 5 categories.

Bundle with love

Start today and bridge the gap between the ones in need and the ones that can provide.

A sneak peek

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 13 - 2022-04-28 at 12.19.42_iphone13starlight_portrait.png
Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 13 - 2022-04-28 at 12.24.01_iphone13starlight_portrait.png
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