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USE your Talents

Got a talent to share but don't know where to begin? We are your launchpad for your "take-off"! Apply now to work with our experienced events teams and design your own service program!

We are inviting students who wish to teach their hobbies to impoverished children to join our Pilot Program as Program Designers

Once you are accepted, Program Designers will be assigned to one event group, attending meetings to discuss the logistics, dates, lesson plans, etc.

SimplyShare will provide proposal templates, event planning guidelines, and as much support as we can. Each program will undergo planning for one month, then be carried out for one month.



Within 2 weeks of application

If you have not heard from us don't worry! Feel free to submit more application forms if you have other ideas.

Successful applicants will receive a notice of our decision and we will be in touch

Pilot program

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