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About us

SimplyShare aims to create a ripple effect by connecting youth to suitable volunteer opportunities, making community service more heartfelt, accessible, and proactive. 


Stefanie went on her first annual missionary trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to serve street children at the age of 12. Deeply connected with the children there, she returned year after year. Locally, she also volunteered with her church in Sham Shui Po, one of the most economically disadvantaged districts in Hong Kong.

The pandemic hit, but it did not halt her passion for volunteering. Instead, in light of the rise in unemployment in Cambodia, she launched a fundraiser with Vera and Michelle, which became the debut project of SimplyShare. They successfully raised over HKD12,000 (USD1,500) with the enthusiastic support of their friends and family. They then realized that the shortage of volunteers stemmed not from the lack of compassion in society, but from the lack of a platform for youth to find suitable volunteer opportunities.

Since then, SimplyShare has garnered a team of 30 passionate students in organizing skill-based service programs for children in poverty, connecting NGOs with active volunteers as well as youth with the service programs that suit them best. 

Our SDG strategy

Regarding our organization's SDG strategy, we observed the lack of accessibility of volunteer opportunities for youth despite the will to contribute to society. We were also disturbed by the fact that Hong Kong has one of the worst wealth disparities in the world - an obstacle in reaching UN SDG 1 No Poverty. Therefore, we decided to launch SimplyShare. By its name, we encourage youth to share their time, talents and resources to impoverished children. We also make use of technology in providing opportunities through a shared Google Calendar, so that our peers could easily schedule volunteering into their lives. We believe that through proactive volunteering, we can make a dent in this world.

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